A Good Day

Ok. Real talk. Kait Rokowski. What I love in this poem is its simplicity. No grand subject matter here, just a woman describing her definition of “a good day.” Rokowski states it is not the best poem she has written (although, let’s be real, if this is her on her bad days, this puts the rest of us to shame) but it is a poem that she needed to write. It’s a healing poem, a poem that needs to be let out so you can begin to let the scars grow over. What this brings up for me is the issue of poet responsibility. Who do you write for? Yourself? The audience? A blend? It seems like there are some poems where scores don’t matter, you just have to get them out. And then there are others written largely for the enjoyment of others. The best are when, like in Kait Rokowski’s poem, the two blend perfectly and the result is a healing poem that also can kick ass in slams!

*Kait Rokowski writes/blogs a fair amount about depression. Anyone interested in hearing more of her battle with depression, visit her tumblr, or button poetry’s tumblr.


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